Press Release


31st OCTOBER 4th NOVEMBER 2016

The first CoLead pilot training programme was hosted by the Bulgarian Economic Forum between 31st October and 4th November 2016 in Sofia. 


Co-operation for Leadership in Tourism (CoLead) is a European project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission working in partnership with the Institute for Tourism Travel and Culture at the University of Malta (Lead Partner), Cardiff Metropolitan University, Jlag, INTASAVE and the Bulgarian Economic Forum.

Launched in 2016 CoLead  aims to  implement the Project Management for Sustainable Development (PM4SD) methodology as a blended learning capacity building tool that will train and empower professionals, civil servants and trainers with appropriate management skills and expertise to design and deliver transformative sustainable tourism projects (CoLead, 2016).  

The  implementation of the project is  based upon  two five day  ‘pilot training programmes’ using The  PM4SD training structure. The first in Sofia Bulgaria and the second in Cardiff Wales UK planned for April 2017 (3rd-7th). 

Through  the online platform including timetabled lectures, case studies and small group interaction, the pilot training  aims to build management capacity  and management skills to enhance future contributions for tourism sustainability.

In addition the training aims to provide both the knowledge and understanding to work effectively within a project management team to successfully deliver a sustainable tourism project and in turn allow participants to apply and understand the application and  use  of PM4SD  in  project management.

The pictures show sixteen tourism professionals  from Bulgaria, the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Ecuador, Peru and The Netherlands who took part in this first training event.

Professor Jones (Lead Partner) from the  Institute for Tourism Travel and Culture at the University of Malta commented that the first training event led by Silvia Barbone and Susy Karammel  of Jlag was a  very fulfiling week of training activities which where not only professionally challenging and engaging but also provided a unique opportunity for  the exchange of ideas and practices amongst the diverse international group of  tourism professionals who participated in the event.

Professor Jones also added that the training sessions allowed   enjoyable  interaction  between a diverse international group which he hopes will continue  and develop.

In this respect he hopes the online platform will now provide additional opportunities for these professionals to continue interaction and dialogue as well as facilitating the continuation of their studies.

The training sessions in Bulgaria were received well by all the participants, many of which would like to continue to the next stage of the CoLead training planned in Cardiff for April 2017.

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